The Communications and Signal Processing (CSP) group in the ECE department is engaged in a broad range of fundamental and applied research areas. Examples of fundamental research areas include:

 - Statistical communications
 - Statistical signal processing
 - System identification and adaptive filtering
 - Time-frequency analysis
 - Multidimensional signal processing
 - Information theory and coding

In addition to making theoretical contributions in these areas, the CSP group is engaged in emerging and traditional CSP applications. In particular, CSP faculty members are active in several applied research areas including:

 - Wireless communications and networking
 - Speech processing and voice recognition
 - Visual processing and multimedia networking
 - Biomedical signal processing
 - Non-destructive-evaluation (NDE)
 - Sensor networks and compressed sensing
 - Secure communications and network security

Being leaders in their respective fields of research, CSP faculty research is supported by federal agencies, such as NSF and NIH, state technology programs, and industrial partners. Both national and international collaborative efforts are pursued. CSP faculty members collaborate with faculty members of other ECE areas and other colleges within and outside MSU on multidisciplinary research projects.

Courses & Labs:

  • ECE 366: Introduction to Signal Processing (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 457: Communication Systems (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 458: Communication Systems Laboratory (1 credit, Lab)
  • ECE 466: Digital Signal Processing and Filter Design (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 816: Cryptography and Network Security (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 864: Detection and Estimation Theory (3 credits, Lecture)


Selin Aviyente, John Deller, Tongtong Li, Rama Mukkamala, Erin Purcell, Hayder Radha, Lalita Udpa, Satish Udpa

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