The work in the power area involves courses and research on power systems, electrical machines and drives. Rapid advances in semiconductor and computing technology and the demand for higher efficiency and better control has led to the integration of power semiconductors into loads (for example: motor drives, process and illumination controllers). Work on electrical drive systems involves the design of new electrical machines tuned to the application, the development of new control methodologies to improve the response of a motor while using fewer sensors, and innovation in power electronics to reduce losses and improve response. Applications range from the automotive and aerospace industries to manufacturing and appliances. This power electronics technology is also being used to help control and stabilize the power system needed if the nations electric utility industry is to maintain our current level of reliability after deregulation is complete.

The power research and teaching laboratories allow the students and researchers to experiment with computer controlled electrical machines, drives, and power electronics systems. The faculty members are actively pursuing research that addresses the problems associated with developing improved motors, power electronic drives, and converters. Current research opportunities in each of these three areas are listed as follows:

  • Solution of electromagnetic fields in machines and transformers
  • Power electronics in motors and power systems
  • Motor drives and controllers
  • Special purpose machines
  • Intelligent control of power systems
  • Power electronics for hybrid electric vehicles
  • Power conversion systems for alternative energy

Courses & Labs:

  • ECE 320: Energy Conversion & Power Electronics (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 420: Power Laboratory (1 credit, Lab)
  • ECE 423: Power System Analysis (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 425: Solid State Power Conversion (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 802: Modeling and Control of Power Electronics (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 802: Power System Analysis (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 821: Advanced Power Electronics and Applications (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 823: Power System Stability and Control (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 825: Alternating Current Electric Machines and Drives (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 924: Power Electronic Systems (3 credits, Lecture)

Power Researchers:

Shanelle Foster, Woongkul Lee, Joydeep Mitra, Elias Strangas, Bingsen Wang

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