Biomedical engineering applies the design and problem solving skills of engineering to the medical field to improve health care and quality of life for individuals. Research and graduate education areas in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department include signal processing applied to cardiovascular, neural system, speech and brain signals; micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) applications to neural implants, biosensors, and long-term implants; and ultrasonics and electromagnetics for thermal therapy and medical imaging.

Courses & Labs:

  • ECE 445: Biomedical Instrumentation (3 credits, Lecture & Lab)
  • ECE 447: Introduction to Biomedical Imaging (3 credits, Lecture)
  • ECE 802: Medical Imaging (3 credits, Lecture)


Selin Aviyente, Subir Biswas, Wen Li, Andrew Mason, Robert McGough, Rama Mukkamala, Erin Purcell, Lalita Udpa, Satish Udpa, Sangmin Yoo

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