Fourteen Capstone Design teams from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering took part in the 2017 Celebration of Engineering Design Day on April 28, 2017.  Engineering Design Day is an event where student teams showcase their design projects to a larger, wider audience, and compete for awards.

The Capstone Design in ECE is intended to simulate a professional work environment and provide major engineering design experience to all senior students. Each student in this course actively participates as a member of an engineering design team and contributes to collaborative development and evaluation of a "product.”

  Project Team 9: (left to right) Yuhao Chen, 
  Ryan Alan Christiansen, Kenil Paresh Patel,
  Austin John Brune, Ryan Jay Siegler and
  Bradley Leonard Plec.

For Spring Semester 2017, the Prism Venture Partners Prize winning teams are:

First Prize: Team 9 "SmartCart Predictive Diagnostic Software" (Sponsored by Daifuku/Jervis B. Webb Company).  Team members are: Bradley Leonard Plec, Yuhao Chen, Ryan Alan Christiansen, Ryan Jay Siegler, Kenil Paresh Patel, and Austin John Brune.

Second Prize: Team 12 "WiMax Communication System" (Sponsored by MSU Office of the Executive VP).  Team members are:  Ryan Mathew Gallant, Alex Ryan Zajac, Tharo Soun, Shao Wu, Billy Stevers, and Prathamesh Sudhir Kulkarni.

Third Prize: Team 7 "Distributed Natural Gas Detection" (Sponsored by James Dyson Foundation and MSU Office of the Executive VP).  Team members are:  James Robert Pitcher, Zhaoxuan Li,  Joseph Raymond Zajac, Xiaohan Zhang,  and Patrick Dariush Jalilevand. 

Other design teams are:

Team 1 "Sensor technology for NDE" (Sponsored by ECE, MSU)  Team members are Moustafa Abdalla, Guanyu Lu, Zijin Huang, Lingyu Li, and Hongyu Lu.              

team 2
Hanchen Xie presents the human-
robot integration system.

Team 2 "Robot System Integration using EEG & Eye-Tracking" (Sponsored by ECE, MSU) Team members are Abdulrahman Sharafaldeen Kamili, Steffany Shawn Ellenstein, Hanchen Xie, Christopher John Cummings, Matthew Edward Price, and Yaoting Xu.

Team 3 "Robotic inspection of Archaeological sites" (Sponsored by ECE, MSU) Team members are Bowen Wang, Yinghao Hu, Mario Antonio Dimartino, Stephanie Marie Saumier, and Samuel David Scime.

Team 4 "Diamond Surface Measurement" (Sponsored by Fraunhofer USA, Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies) Team members are James Matthew Cavataio, Kyle Wesley Davis, Samuel Lawrence Selyutin, Tommy Sereseroz, and Wesley Brian Spain.

Team 5 "Fruit & Vegetable Damage Detection" (Sponsored by Techmark Inc) Team members are Alexander Gerald Budd, Rachel Ann Moses, Joseph Cosimo Simonetta, Michael N Karana, Valbona Vulaj, and Lucas R Bowman.

Team 8 "Microgrid Control" (Sponsored by MSU Office of the Executive VP)  Team members are Di Huang, Zachary James Taylor, Curtis Cooke Williams, Robert James Bannister, Adam Christopher Shearouse.

Team 10 "AMI Smart meter data" (Sponsored by Consumers Energy)  Team members are Hongxuan Chen, Won-Bae Seo, Dylan James Marzolino, Dongxu Cao, and Jacob Donald Bobeldyk.

Zachary Taylor showcases the power-grid project.

Team 11 "Delphi Watchdog Control System" (Sponsored by Delphi) Team members are Nathan Julius Baughman, Stefan Andrew Trentacosta, Nicholas Ayed Haddad, Tianyu Ni, Roshan Sailesh Patel, and Frank Graham Riviera.         

Team 13 "Pig O Vision" (Sponsored by MI Port Producers/MSU College of Veterinary Medicine)  Team members are Zhaoqi Wu, Yan Zhou, Jack Charles Adams, Minghao Zha, Srikar Reddy Bollavaram, Nathan Paul Blanke, and Peng Ni.

Team 14 "Verification of Steel Coil Rail Car Load" (Sponsored by Arcelor Mittal) Team members are Evan Robert Daykin, Sunho Choi, John Michael Dorosa, Ryan Rocco Flanagan, Wyatt Walden Roehler, and Nur Syaza Shahmir.

Team 15 "Simulation software for crack detection in materials" (Sponsored by ECE, MSU) Team members are Mark Anthony Noto and Alexander Robert Olivero.

Please join us in congratulating our student teams on their achievements. Thank you to each of these team sponsors.