Congratulations to Yang Zhou, a graduate student of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering who received the prestigious 2022 IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS) Graduate Scholarship Award. IEEE NPSS graduate Scholarship Award aims to recognize contributions by graduate students to the fields of Nuclear and Plasma Sciences. This award is given through a highly competitive selection process each year around the world. Only up to four awards are presented annually.

Yang Zhou is pursuing his PhD degree, under the supervision of Dr. Peng Zhang, Associate Professor in ECE. Yang’s research interests include theory and modeling of thermionic/field/photo- electron emission. He has been focusing on the study of electron emission with the effects of laser properties, including wavelength, intensity and laser-metal interaction (laser heating effects), as well as the effects of the states of cathode surface, e.g. coatings, contaminants and nearby ions. His work has been reported by Scilight, MSUToday, and