chuan-wang-with-smart-fabric_0.jpgECE faculty, Chuan Wang, is leading a research team at Michigan State University to develop the first stretchable integrated circuit that is made entirely using an inkjet printer, raising the possibility of inexpensive mass production of smart fabric.

The smart fabric is made up of several materials fabricated from nanomaterials and organic compounds. These compounds are dissolved in solution to produce different electronic inks, which are run through the printer to make the devices.

From the ink, Dr. Wang and his team have successfully created the elastic material, the circuit and the organic light-emitting diode, or OLED. This groundbreaking discovery was published recently in the journal ACS Nano. Other authors include Dr. Le Cai, Suoming Zhang and Jinshui Miao of MSU and Dr. Zhibin Yu of Florida State University.

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