tanviTanvi Nikhar, graduate student in the ECE department, is a recipient of the prestigious USPAS scholarship. USPAS (U.S. Particle Accelerator School) scholarships are given through a highly competitive selection process each year to students across the States and from around the world. This scholarship recognizes Tanvi's academic and evolving research achievements. She will be taking in-depth courses on high brightness photocathode and photoinjector physics and applications, taught by leading researchers from Cornell, UCLA and Berkeley Lab, during a 2 week winter session of USPAS 2020 held in San Diego in January. 

Tanvi is a graduate research assistant working in the materials/accelerator/microscopy (MAM) lab, a part of the ECE department.    

USPAS is a national graduate-level program that provides training and workforce development in the science and technology of charged particle accelerators and associated systems. The USPAS is one of the nation’s premier intensive schools serving science and technology. The program has evolved from a series of symposium-style schools first held in 1980's. Courses offered by the USPAS are typically not available in standard university curricula and are delivered in an intensive format, allowing enrolled students to achieve competency in topics in a short period of time.