The executive board of the RAS-MSU: (from left to right)
Pooja Panguru, Ryan Aridi, Maria Castano, Thassyo Pinto

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Student Chapter at Michigan State University (MSU) (RAS-MSU) has been featured on the Robotics & Automation Magazine (RA-M), which is the main magazine from the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS).

How can we inspire college students to tackle important robotics problems while providing a simple to organize and fun experience? Although many great ideas can emerge from such a question, the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Student Chapter at Michigan State University (MSU) decided to create a mini-competition called the Robot Racing Challenge (RRC). The RRC was held during the week of IEEE Day 2018 at the MSU College of Engineering building in East Lansing, Michigan. This event was recently featured on the March's Issue of the Robotics & Automation Magazine (RA-M).

The RRC was organized by the executive board of the RAS Student Chapter at MSU, which is composed
of undergraduate and graduate engineering students. The Student Chapter chair, Thassyo Pinto, is a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering with research interests in soft robotics and evolutionary robotics. He is also the RAS Regional student representative for Regions 1–7. The vice chair, Maria Castano, is a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering with research interests in nonlinear controls and underwater robotics. Pooja Panguru (secretary) is an undergraduate student in computer science, and Ryan Aridi (treasurer) is an undergraduate student in electrical engineering.

Given the success of the event, the Student Chapter plans to organize future events with the intention of introducing advanced robotics topics at all student levels and encouraging new robotics projects at MSU.

See more at: ieee_roboticsautomation_march2019.pdf  (page 108-109)

Story courtesy of the Robotics & Automation Magazine