NSF CyberSEES Project

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Photo of a pondECE faculty members, Drs. Xiaobo Tan and Hayder Radha, and their collaborators, Drs. Elena Litchman (Kellogg Biological Station and Zoology), Mantha Phanikumar (Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Guoliang Xing (Computer Science and Engineering), have been awarded an NSF grant from the Cyber-Enabled Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES) program. The project is entitled “CyberSEES: Type 2: Towards Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems: A New Adaptive Sampling and Data-Enabled Monitoring and Modeling Framework”. Taking harmful algal blooms as an application example, the project will exploit advances in underwater robotics, sensor networks, signal processing, and biophysical modeling to create a novel paradigm for monitoring and understanding aquatic ecosystems and thus to enable sustainable management of water resources. An abstract of the project can be viewed at www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=1331852.