Congratulations to the all-MSU team that was recently awarded a $1.2 million NSF Signals in the Soil (SitS) grant. The program is a collaboration between NSF and USDA-NIFA for convergence research between science, engineering, and agriculture. The project entitled "Wireless, sustainable, and automated sensory system for in-situ monitoring of soil heavy metals" is a collaborative effort among Engineering, CANR, and Fraunhofer CMW. If successfully developed, this sensor system will be very useful to monitoring soil pollution (soil health), preventing crop metal contamination, and studying fundamental biogeochemistry of metal cycling in soils. The investigator team consists of Wen Li (ECE, PI), Subir Biswas (ECE), Richard Lunt (Chems), Wei Zhang (Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences) and James Siegenthaler (Fraunhofer CMW).