STARX Five college teams test robotic suits that could enhance humans’ abilities at the first Applied Collegiate Exoskeleton (ACE) Competition in Ann Arbor on May 5. The Michigan State STrength Augmenting Robotic eXoskeleton (SPARX) Team received the highest score from the design review panel portion of the competition.  Congratulations!

The MSU STARX Team is a new student organization at Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI). This student group is dedicated to designing and building a strength-augmenting robotic-exoskeleton suit. Exoskeletons are an emerging technology and are starting to become used for several unique applications. Some common examples of current day use are emergency personnel and factory workers; both which require a significant amount of strength for an extended period of time. The MSU STARX Team hopes to improve upon technology in the field of both robotics and biomedical engineering by creating and advancing several iterations of our exoskeleton suit. We hope to bridge the gap of between human and machine interface.STARX

The big picture of the project expands beyond our exoskeleton suit itself, it's for advancing the technology of robotics/exoskeletons for the common good. It's so that that one day, a paralyzed person may be able to walk again. It's so that one day, first responders can save more lives in urgent situations. It's so that one day, a prosthesis can replace a missing limb and be as good as when they were born. We keep this in mind every single day and let it drive our passion to create the best exoskeleton suit out there.