JMJorge Mateus, undergraduate student in ECE, is the recipient of the prestigious Robert W. Young Award for Undergraduate Student Research in Acoustics. The Robert W. Young Award is given by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) each year to four undergraduate researchers from around the world in the field of acoustics. The award selection is based on a research proposal with an advisor in the area of acoustics.   

Jorge will be working on utilizing acoustic/ultrasonic arrays for object detection, which can eventually be implemented in a wide range of applications including autonomous vehicles, motion sensors etc. Jorge has also been provided with $500 to support the experimental pursuits. He will be presenting his work at the bi-annual “Acoustics 2020” conference organized by ASA. 

Jorge is an undergraduate research assistant working in the Physical Ultrasonics, Microscopy and Acoustics (PUMA) lab as part of the ECE department. The PUMA lab works on advancing ultrasonics, acoustics and vibration for material characterization, nondestructive evaluation and microscopy.  Jorge’s advisor is Prof. Sunil Chakrapani who heads the PUMA lab.