Mason Receives NSF Grant To Establish Microsystems Technologies

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Andrew MasonEnabling High Throughput Characterization of Membrane Proteins

Professor Andrew Mason and his collaborator Michael Garavito have received NSF funding for an interdisciplinary project to develop new tools for high throughput membrane protein characterization. Membrane proteins are the essential components of the cell that connect all living organisms to the outside world, but the mechanisms by which these proteins impart vital functions to cell membranes are poorly understood. This project will establish new technologies and methodologies for coupling microelectronics with biological interfaces. The investigators are designing a lab-on-CMOS platform that integrates a 1000-element array of microfluidic planar-membrane chambers with embedded CMOS electrochemical instrumentation circuits. The developed experimental approaches will overcome significant technical barriers and contribute new mechanisms for silicon-to-protein communication pathways.

An abstract of the award can be viewed at