Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb, Koenig Endowed Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, received the 2018 IEEE CIS Evolutionary Computation Pioneer Award at the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2018) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The citation states that this award is given to Prof. Deb "for pioneering contribution, development, and leadership in evolutionary multi-criterion optimization". 

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Evolutionary Computation Pioneer Award recognizes significant contributions to early concepts and sustained developments in the field of evolutionary computation. This award recognizes two types of pioneering contributions: (1) fundamental understanding and (2) engineering application. This award is considered annually, and may be given to an individual or a group not exceeding three persons who contributed to the advancement of theory, technologies, and/or applications of evolutionary computation by inventing new technologies, creating innovative technical developments, implementing new products, or managing innovative product design or production processes. Up to three separate awards can be made in a single year. Prof. Deb is the only recipient this year. 

In this conference, Prof. Deb and his former students, Dr. Ankur Sinha, IIM Ahmedabad, India and Samish Bedi, also received the "IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2018 Outstanding Conference Paper Award". The paper is entitled "Bilevel Optimization Based on Kriging Approximations of Lower Level Optimal Value Function".