YAA paper entitled “Inversion-free control of hysteresis nonlinearity using an adaptive conditional servomechanism" was selected as the 2020 Best Paper on Mechatronics by the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division (DSCD) Technical Committee on Mechatronics. The paper is coauthored by Yasir Al-Nadawi (a graduate student), Xiaobo Tan, MSU Foundation Professor & Richard M. Hong Endowed Chair of Electrical and Computer and Engineering,  and Hassan K. Khalil, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Electrical & Computer Engineering. 

The paper was presented at the 2019 American Control Conference. Eligible papers for the award included all mechatronics-related papers presented at 2019 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM 2019), 2019 American Control Conference (ACC 2019), and the 2019 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (DSCC 2019).