Article Citation Count Exceeds 9,000

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  Professor Kalyanmoy Deb has a number of highly cited publications including an article in the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 182-197, (2002) titled "A Fast and Elitist Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm: NSGA-II," by Kalyanmoy Deb, Amrit Pratap, Sameer Agarwal, and T. Meyarivan.  Web of Science, SciVal, and Google Scholar all report high citation counts for this paper:

Cited 6,068 times according to Web of Science (5/27/2015)
Cited 9,647 times according to Scopus (5/27/2015)
Cited 14,300 times according to Google Scholar (5/27/2015)

Professor Deb's article was noted in a news article titled "Indian Paper Crosses 5000+ Citation Mark," in Current Science, 108(9), p. 1580, May 2015.