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Thursday September 29, 2022, Room: 1230 EB,   3:00 - 4:00 PM

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Dr. Georgios B. Giannakis

McKnight Presidential Chair in ECE, University of Minnesota

Topology ID and Learning over Graphs: Accounting for Nonlinearities and Dynamics

Abstract:  Learning the topology of graphs as well as processes evolving over graphs are tasks emerging in application domains as diverse as gene-regulatory, brain, power, and social networks, to name a few. Scalable approaches to deal with such high-dimensional settings aim to address the unique modeling and computational challenges associated with data-driven science in the modern era of big data analytics. Albeit simple and tractable, linear time-invariant models are limited as they are incapable of modeling changing topologies, as well as nonlinear and dynamic dependencies between nodal processes. To this end, novel approaches are presented to leverage nonlinear counterparts of partial correlation and partial Granger causality, as well as nonlinear structural equations and vector auto-regressions, along with attributes such as low rank, sparsity, and smoothness to capture even directional dependencies with abrupt change points, as well as dynamic processes over possibly time-evolving topologies. The unifying framework inherits the versatility and generality of kernel-based methods, and lends itself to batch and computationally affordable online learning algorithms, which include novel Kalman filters and smoothers over graphs. Real data experiments highlight the impact of the nonlinear and dynamic models on gene-regulatory and functional connectivity of brain networks, where connectivity patterns revealed exhibit discernible differences relative to existing approaches.

Bio: Georgios B. Giannakis (Fellow’97) received his Diploma in Electrical Engr. (EE) from the Ntl. Tech. U. of Athens, Greece, 1981. From 1982 to 1986 he was with the U. of Southern California (USC), where he received his MSc. in EE, 1983, MSc. in Mathematics, 1986, and Ph.D. in EE, 1986. He was with the U. of Virginia from 1987 to 1998, and since 1999 he has been with the U. of Minnesota (UMN), where he held an Endowed Chair of Telecommunications, served as director of the Digital Technology Center from 2008-21, and since 2016 he has been a UMN Presidential Chair in ECE. His interests span the areas of statistical learning, communications, and networking - subjects on which he has published more than 485 journal papers, 790 conference papers, 25 book chapters, two edited books and two research monographs. Current research focuses on Data Science with applications to IoT, and power networks with renewables. He is the (co-) inventor of 34 issued patents, and the (co-) recipient of 10 best journal paper awards from the IEEE Signal Processing (SP) and Communications Societies, including the G. Marconi Prize Paper Award. He also received the IEEE-SPS Nobert Wiener Society Award (2019); EURASIP's A. Papoulis Society Award (2020); Tech. Achievement Awards from the IEEE-SPS (2000) and from EURASIP (2005); the IEEE ComSoc Education Award (2019); the G. W. Taylor Award for Distinguished Research from the U. of Minnesota, and the IEEE Fourier Technical Field Award (2015). He is a member of the Academia Europaea, Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, the European Academy of Sciences, IEEE and EURASIP. He has served the IEEE in a number of posts, including that of a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE-SPS.

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