Undergraduate Curriculum 

ECE101: Introduction to ECE
ECE201: Circuits & Systems I
ECE202: Circuits & Systems II
ECE203: Electric Circuits & Systems Lab
ECE230: Digital Logic Fundamentals
ECE280: Electrical Engineering Analysis
ECE302: Electronic Circuits
ECE303: Electronic Circuits Lab
ECE305: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I
ECE313: Control Systems
ECE320: Energy Conversion and Power Electronics
ECE331: Microprocessors & Digital Systems
ECE345: Electronic Instrument & System Lab
ECE366: Introduction to Signal Processing
ECE390: Ethics, Professionalism, and Contemporary Issues
ECE402: Applications of Analog Integrated Circuits
ECE404: Radio Frequency Electronic Circuits  
ECE405: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves II
ECE407: Electromagnetic Compatibility
ECE410: VLSI Design
ECE415: Computer Aided Manufacturing
ECE416: Digital Control
ECE420: Power Lab
ECE423: Power System Analysis
ECE425: Solid State Power Conversion
ECE442: Communication Networks
ECE445: Biomedical Instrumentation
ECE447: Intro to Biomedical Imaging
ECE448: Model & Analysis Bio Systems
ECE449: Fundamentals of Acoustics
ECE456: Computer and Comm Security
ECE457: Communication Systems
ECE458: Communication Systems Lab
ECE466: Digital Signal Processing and Filter Design
ECE474  Principles of Electronic Devices
ECE476: Electro-Optics
ECE477: Microelectronic fabrication
ECE480: Senior Design
ECE489: Independent Senior Design
ECE490: Independent Study

Graduate Curriculum 

ECE810: Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
ECE813: Advanced VLSI Design
ECE816: Cryptography and Network Security
ECE818: Robotics
ECE819: Smart Material Sensors and Actuators
ECE820: Advanced Computer Architecture
ECE821: Advanced Power Electronics and Applications
ECE825: Alternating Current Electrical Machines and Drives
ECE832: Analog Integrated Circuit Design
ECE835: Advanced Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I
ECE836: Advanced Electromagnetic Fields and Waves II
ECE837: Computational Methods in Electromagnetics
ECE848: Evolutionary Computation
ECE850: Electrodynamics of Plasmas
ECE851: Linear Systems and Control
ECE853: Optimal Control
ECE854: Robust Control
ECE856: Adaptive Control
ECE859: Nonlinear Systems and Control
ECE863: Analysis of Stochastic Systems
ECE864: Detection and Estimation Theory
ECE865: Analog and Digital Communications
ECE866: Time-Frequency and Wavelet Analysis
ECE867: Information Theory and Coding
ECE869: Wireless Communications and Networking
ECE870: Introduction to Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
ECE871: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Fabrication
ECE874: Physical Electronics
ECE875: Electronic Devices
ECE877: Cleanroom Procedures
ECE885: Artificial Neural Networks
ECE920: Selected Topics in High Performance Computer Systems
ECE924: Power Electronic Systems for Renewable Energy, Transportation, and Utility Applications
ECE925: Advanced Topics in Power
ECE929B: Antenna Theory
ECE929C: Geometrical Theory of Diffraction
ECE929D: Fast Computational Methods in Electromagnetics and Acoustics
ECE931C: Properties of Semiconductors
ECE932: Advanced Topics in Analog Circuits
ECE960C: Networked and Embedded Control Systems
ECE963: Advanced Topics in Systems
ECE989: Advanced Topics in Plasma