New Smartphone Sensor Checks Your Blood Pressure

It’s more convenient than a cuff and could help patients monitor hypertension at home



Engineers have been working for years to develop a more convenient way to monitor blood pressure. Now, researchers at MSU and the University of Maryland appear to have succeeded. Research led by Ramakrishna Mukkamala, professor of electrical and computer engineering, has devised a smart way to detect hypertension sooner.

In a paper published in Science Translational Medicine, the researchers described a prototype blood pressure sensor that can be incorporated into a smartphone, and requires only the press of a fingertip. Mukkamala’s prototype, which his team tested on 32 people, proved accurate. Groups such as the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and the IEEE have accuracy standards by which cuffless blood pressure monitors are benchmarked, and the prototype delivered results in line with those standards. It also matched the results of a $25,000 finger cuff blood pressure monitor. 

This paper is recently published in Science Translational Medicine and highlighted on IEEE Spectrum

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Figure and story courtesy of MSUToday.